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Our Story


Searulean Upholstery is a two-person shop ran by husband and wife duo, Alana and Cody Creech.


Alana started this company by herself in 2020 after being laid off from Walt Disney World from her position as an Entertainment Technician. Her experience as a props artisan for professional theaters around the United States had provided an understanding and appreciation for antique and unique furniture. In her career and spare time, she built her skills as an upholsterer.


A few months after starting Searulean Upholstery, Cody joined the venture full-time and added his carpentry abilities to the mix. His experience repairing wood frames, re-tieing springs, and replacing old foam can add years to the lifespan of your furniture.


Together, they can make your furniture just as functional and gorgeous as the day you (or a family member generations before you) bought it!

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